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The PAX 3 is a perfect dry herb vaporizer if you're looking for a stylish, smart, and ultra-portable everyday carry conduction vape pen that produces great vapor quality with both flowers and dry concentrates. With more features and faster heating than the PAX 2, the PAX 3 is a great choice.

buy pax vape

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Just like the PAX 2 vaporizer, the PAX 3 prefers a tight pack for the kind of vapor production we love from this vape. Now with the Complete Kit, a Half-Pack lid is included - pack half the dry herb and get the same high quality session you would expect from a tightly packed, full oven.

PAX vaporizers feature powerful conduction heating systems that deliver smooth, flavor-rich vapor on-the-go. The stainless steel heating chamber vapes dry herb efficiently by heating material on a wider surface area. Expect around 20 draws from a fully packed chamber. Each iteration of the PAX vape boasts a large, advanced herb chamber made of stainless steel.

For the best vapor quality, a fully packed herb chamber is recommended. We also suggest that you finely grind your dry herb for the maximum efficiency when vaping. Those who prefer smaller vape sessions or want an option for vaping a small amount of dry herb can opt for the third PAX vape, which comes with a half pack oven lid. When bought separately, the half pack lid can be used with the second PAX vaporizer as well. Toggling the PAX vaporizer to its higher temperature settings produce impressively large, dense vapor clouds. Likewise, keeping the PAX vape on lower temperatures creates smaller, flavor-rich hits.

The PAX vaporizer is controlled via a single button on the mouthpiece. Holding the PAX vape button down will light up the dry herb pedal icon (the PAX vaporizer logo), at which time you can toggle through the temperature settings by pushing the button.

The Pax 3 Basic Kit has everything needed to vape a full oven of dried herbs. If you want to vape solid concentrate or half-ovens, we recommend snagging the Complete Kit which includes 1) a concentrate insert 2) a half-pack oven lid 3) a multi-tool keychain 4) three extra oven screens

With nearly a decade of service in the cannabis vape industry, VPM has built a reputation of offering some of the best products and service in the industry. All VPM products are authentic (directly from the manufacturer), we process all orders within 24 hours, and we have friendly and helpful staff ready to assist should you ever want to contact us. Thank you for allowing us to serve you!

Editors Note: For those looking for a weed vape that has the portability of the Pax but that the powerful vapor of the Mighty, be sure to check out the Zeus Arc GTS Hub, a high-powered portable vaporizer that puts powerful draws in the palm of your hand. You can read how these 2 stack up in our Zeus Arc vs Pax 3 Showdown.

The only real big difference from an aesthetics standpoint is the finish of the Pax 3 which has been changed from a brushed aluminum finish to a pretty gloss finish. To be honest, we are not big fans of this change, it may make the unit look more flashy from a distance, but up close it shows fingerprints like a crime scene on CSI. Pretty much once you remove the Pax 3 from the packaging you have ruined the pretty aesthetic forever and will be constantly reaching for a microfiber cloth to clean up your vape.

In fact, those who are looking for a weed vape that is of similar size but is able to output more potent and powerful vapor, you may want to check out the Zeus Arc GTS Hub which offers much better vapor production and higher maximum temperature for efficient extraction. Once again you can read the full comparison on our Zeus Arc vs Pax 3 post.

Everything about the PAX 3 makes it feel like a premium product, not least the aesthetics of it. Never before could you look this good vaping your favourite dry herbs and essential oils. The PAX 3 looks great in every colour, and it's no wonder why comparisons have been drawn up between the PAX 3 and another well-known Californian brand famous for it's plush design. In fact, if Apple were to make vapes, there would be little doubt over which brand they'd look to for inspiration.

The PAX 3 remarkably remains the same compact portable vaporizer that it's predecessor was, despite the improved specifications and functionality. It can still be held comfortably in the hand and easily slid away into your pocket, maintaining the discretion which added to the appeal of the PAX 2. It remains the definition of handheld portable vape.

A much revered feature included with the complete kit is the Concentrate insert, which enables you to switch it up from dry herb to oil vaping as you please. This brings an added dimension to the PAX 3, now making it a dual-functional vaporizer. The complete kit also comes with a Half Pack Oven Lid, allowing you to limit the amount of dry herb you pack into your PAX vape for those shorter, solo sessions - waste not want not is the key here, a very useful piece of kit.

This time round PAX Labs have outdone themselves by cutting the heating time in half from the PAX 2. This makes the PAX 3 ultra-convenient and this awesome vape is also able to cool down more quickly than its predecessor too. One thing's for sure, when PAX Labs bring out their next iteration, presumably the PAX 4, they are going to have a hard time improving the heat up time.

PAX Labs, Inc carries various models of vapes which allow you to vape either dry herb cannabis, concentrated cannabis, cannabis cartridges, or loose-leaf tobacco. Their products are small and sleek, which will enable you to easily conceal them in your palm or pocket. They offer different accessories you can buy with their products, such as wireless chargers, smell-proof stash bags, stash jars, and grinders.

The PAX Plus is the ultimate vaping device with its 10-year warranty and ability to switch between dry herb and concentrate. Like every dry herb vape, it has an oven at the bottom to fill with your flower, and it also includes a separate concentrate insert to fill with your favorite wax concentrate or extract.

The PAX Mini is not only a lot cheaper but also very similar to the PAX plus with only a few differences. The mini is only slightly smaller than the plus and only has a .25-gram oven as opposed to the larger .5-gram oven the plus has. However, some people say that they prefer the smaller oven because they rarely vape more than a quarter at a time.

Even though there are no buttons, you can still change the settings on the device to allow for more or less strength. You simply shake the device with the pod in, then when it lights up, remove the pod from the device. This activates strength programming mode allowing you to set your vape level according to the petals.

PAX devices range from $35 to $250. The cheapest PAX device is the PAX Era, which uses oil cartridges containing THC. The Cheapest traditional dry herb vape that PAX offers is the PAX mini, which allows you to vape dry herb.

The biggest difference here would be the draw resistance. The Pax 2 has quite a bit more resistance than the Grasshopper which I consider to be one of the most free-flowing dry herb vapes on the market. Really the only portable vaporizers better in that aspect would be the Crafty or the Mighty.

Visually the thing is Noice. Heats up really quick, easy to use, battery life is pretty good. The lights on it are subtle and cool. The thing is a trendy beast.As for the Vaping itself, (as a first time user here used to the odd joint here or there) the Pax 3 doesn't output much in the way of vapour. If you're looking for thick clouds, this thing isn't for you. I have had a nice mellow high, but am probably slightly disappointed in the level of vapour per inhale. Im new to vapes like this, although I tried liquid vapes for substituting tobacco and expected more so there is no real reference for the competition.The thing overall is great, but don't expect big clouds. Its like a cheeky "microdose" whilst out and about type piece of kit.Five Stars for the service of VD

First vape experience and couldn't be more satisfied. Speedy shipping, easy to use (once I found on button) and discreet. Should have purchased complete pack as I've now purchased half pack lid and extra oven screens

PAX always utilizes the latest cutting-edge technologies in their products. However, the core reason PAX vaporizers are so popular is their build quality. PAX vapes are famously durable. The majority of their body makeup includes stainless-steel, and their ovens are medical-grade. Pax Labs famously back their product by offering a 10-year warranty on the Pax 3

For more than a decade, PAX Labs Inc. has been making dry herb and concentrate vaping products that consumers love. More commonly referred to as, PAX, they have sold millions of units and are still going strong. They cater to consumers that want completely customizable sessions, using the latest technology and highest quality materials available. Pax vapes are premium products known for being durable and lightweight because of the scratch-resistant aluminum used. Each model is sleek and slender. They fit in the palm of your hand and can easily tucked away in a pocket or purse. They also are low-odor, making them very discreet. 041b061a72


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