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Line Producing

The absolute most important part of any project from film to live events is the planner or in film terms line producer. Budget, logistics, personnel for example are some of the moving parts that make up the role of an efficient line producer as they work diligently to keep the project on time and on budget.
The community members at act as your campaign's line producer by adding expertise from each category throughout our social network, we collaborate to ensure a successful crowd funding effort that will launch projects, personal goals and also employ our members as funding create positions in a project to project industry of entertainment.

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Setlife is a private, members-only platform that connects a community of passionate creatives. Collaborate with like-minded individuals, share ideas, and build lasting connections within this supportive network. With the collective effort of your creative team, we'll craft a compelling crowdfunding campaign that showcases your project's value and resonates with your audience. Leverage the power of our in-house platform to turn your dreams into reality. Setlife empowers creatives like you to collaborate, ideate, and crowdfund seamlessly. 

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